20 March 2021
trening z pomiarem mocy na rowerze szosowym


The world is moving so fast and the training methods are changing. We want to train more effectively, to plan physical peak and beat new records. […]
22 February 2022

Preparations for the first road race.

You have a roadster, you took your first trainings, byt you haven’t taken part in a race yet. Then one day you will want to feel like a real pro, speeding in the peleton.
22 February 2022

Cycling training with WKO5

Effective cycling training must be well-planned that means tailor-made for your abilities and aims.TP shows your results, WKO5 helps understand them
22 February 2022
roztrenowanie kolarstwo

Deconditioning – how and why ?

Cycling is a demanding sport, both in physical and mental way, so after some time you will need a break.
22 February 2022
trening kolarski po covid

Getting back on the bike after Covid-19

You have overcome coronavirus and now you are wondering how to get back to physical activity ? At first even walking up the stairs can be a challenge.